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8 Fresh Trends Showcased With Designer Swimsuits

Once the temperatures soar and the celebrities come out in force, the time is ripe to market designer swimsuits.

Especially in the age of social media, never has there been a better time to model new, innovative and even returning swimwear items for the beach season.

The fashion world is always showcasing bold, sexy and sleek designs but there are some themes that overlap between one brand to the next.

Time to take notice the 8 fresh trends to market designer swimsuits that will be hitting the scene for 2020.

Micro Thong

For pure sex appeal and garnering attention with designer swimsuits, it is difficult to venture beyond the micro thong. These designs really do accentuate those natural features while showcasing a degree of confidence that is hard to manufacture. It won’t be a selection that will work for many, but for celebrities online and in the glossy magazines, this is a hot button item.

Vegan Leather

Swimsuits that have been sported by top celebrities don’t often have an environmental message embedded, but it is inescapable how much cut-through has been garnered by the vegan leather designs. Consumers will have seen these products on cat walks from Milan to New York, but they have since made the transition to more accessible locations. Keep tabs on these shiny black fabrics.

Day to Night Swimsuits

A degree of versatility really suits these fabrics when showcasing them poolside, at a bar or switching between the beach and the resort. This is where the day to night creations offer a perfect balance for models, opting for a garment that can work across warm, cool, public and private environments respectively.

Classic String Bikini

There is a timeless quality to the classic string bikini that even remains a hot selling point for modern celebrities. They can be crafted from sustainable materials and translate just as well from the ocean to the streets. Some trends come to fruition because they are seeking to make a bold statement or push the boundaries, but these classic fabrics continue to pop and sell well under all conditions.

Cutout Tube Top

From singers and soap stars to R&B figures to television personalities, the cutout tube top remains at the forefront of designer swimsuits in 2020. What makes this such an attractive proposition is that it pops on screen but also happens to be quite affordable in store, letting it translate from Hollywood to the everyday world. They happen to work for the bold and eccentric to the more traditional design patterns.

The Deep V

While the deep V does not leave too much to the imagination, it has emerged as a wireless bikini brand of choice. Designer swimsuits are items that are always shifting in trends from one summer season to the next, but the deep V cut is ideal for a slender body shape and for more modest budgets given the minimal fabric in use. This is a style that has experienced a recent boom across the USA in 2019 and it is expected to go to another level in 2020.

Snake Print Bikini

Of all the sleek and sexy designs that are sported by designer swimsuits, the snake print bikini really draws the eye. These creations are popular in the two-piece mode, providing a great aesthetic and consistency that appears reptilian. For anyone with a cheeky personality, this is one of the types of designer swimsuits that could be a real attraction for the 2020 season.


Designer swimsuits who adore the string aesthetic will always opt for the wrap-around. In practical terms the dressing and undressing can be a bit of a struggle, but it really works for the all-natural look that is hard to achieve in any other setting.

Patricia Berry

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