The Fascination of the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

The ride to the Grand Canyons is an unforgettable one, and anyone who has visited the place will surely not deny this fact. The aerial view is incomparable to any other experience. One can travel through cars, and it takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the destination whereas it takes just 30 minutes to cover this distance in a helicopter. The price of an aerial tour is affordable for all. However one should gain some clear ideas before booking a helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas.

Some of the most important things to know before booking seats to the Canyon are

  1. Children who are one year old or below does not require paid seats. They are considered complementary and can sit on the lap of their parents. Parents must carry a passport or birth certificate as their age proof.
  2. Children less than 17 or who have just turned 17 must be accompanied by an adult who will be paying for the child. Moreover, they must have a permission letter from their guardian or parents.
  3. Individuals above the age of 18 must carry an ID card issued by the Government along with them on the day of the aerial tour.
  4. Travelers who are of 136 kilogram that is 300 pounds must purchase an extra ticket while booking for the ride.
  5. Individuals can avail pick up from their respective hotels in Vegas or on the strip. The arrangement of the same can be made during the confirmation call of reservation.


The things included in the helicopter ride to the Canyon

  1. The tour includes a guide who helps to recognize and know about different things present in the way to the Canyon.
  2. The helicopter lands close to the mighty Colorado River. Travelers who have booked a combined package of a helicopter tour and a ride on the river Colorado can enjoy on the river.
  3. The helicopters have large windows for better viewing of the various things present on the way to Grand Canyon.
  4. Tour to the end of the West Rim of Grand Canyon
  5. The guide does the commentary in English about the tour, and it is done live for the passengers.
  6. Roundtrip travel from the traveler’s hotel in Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back to the hotel
  7. Snacks and drinks like wine, beer and champagne, and other cold beverages are included in the tour. At times these are served before the ride starts and at times at the bank of the Colorado River where the helicopter lands after flying over Grand Canyon.

Final word

There are stereo sound headphones for passengers to listen to the narration, comfortable and spacious seats made of leather and wraparound windows for good visibility while flying to the Canyon. The agencies maintain safety rules as passenger safety is their primary priority. There are options to combine this ride with other attractions and packages are available for it. The travelers must share their ride with other passengers in the helicopter.

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