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Is Schapelle Corby Smoking A Joint?

June 22nd 2008 05:05
A Free Schapelle Corby Christmas 2001
Schapelle Corby In Happier Times

These pictures show Schapelle Corby living on the Gold Coast in happier times. Taken at Christmas in 2001, it would be almost three more years before she made that fateful trip to Bali.
Free Schapelle Corby Smoking Joint Marijuana
Are You Gunna Pass That Around?

Close scrutiny of the coffee table reveals what appears to be a baggie, a packet of oversized papers and a joint in the ashtray in front of Schapelle.

A marijuana user is not necessarily a drug smuggler, however and Channel Nine will tonight telecast part one of an explosive two-part documentary revealing the factual details of the October 2004 arrest, and subsequent trial and imprisonment of Schapelle Corby.

Nine Chief Executive Officer David Gyngell said Schapelle Corby - The Hidden Truth was the definitive work on the Corby saga, the most controversial Australian prisoner since Lindy Chamberlain.

‘It's a fly-on-the-wall, warts-and-all account of what actually happened at every step of the Schapelle Corby story,’ he said.

‘Forget what you've seen, read and heard about the Corby story - and take up an extraordinary eye witness vantage point for the first time, from which you can make your own informed judgment.’

‘This film will challenge all sorts of myths and beliefs the public has held until now, with amazing revelations of lies, rivalries, bribery, deceit, backstabbing and imploding relationships of key players.’

Caught on camera by award-winning independent documentary producer, Janine Hosking, over three and a half years of painstaking filming and research, the result is a powerful and emotional observational documentary.

Mr Gyngell said the towering strength of Janine Hosking's film was her unprecedented access to every major participant, from countless hours of filming with Schapelle herself, to her defence team and her whole family.

‘In its making Janine Hosking has neither sought nor extended any favour to anyone. Her sole undertaking to the Corby family was not to release her documentary publicly until Schapelle's case was determined, and all avenues for appeal exhausted,’ he said.

Janine Hosking said she was thrilled the Nine Network was telecasting her documentary.

‘This is an epic story which deserves to be told, and Nine has provided that opportunity. It’s taken more than three years of my life to compile and produce and I am delighted that the Australian public will now get to see it in its compelling and complete form.’

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72 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Louie

June 23rd 2008 00:57
The documentary will be interesting. as for whether that's a joint or not, good headline but its pretty much a moot point.

Comment by Cheryl J

June 23rd 2008 02:01
I've smoked the occasional J and I am neither a smuggler or a dealer. But, I was a 50/50 fence sitter on the Corby thing until I read the book she wrote to clear her name and now I'm absolutely convinced of her guilt. Not quite the reaction she was aiming for in the book.

I have a feeling that the show will be very skewed to prove her innocence but will indeed backfire on her as the book did and make her look very guilty.

Regardless, 20 years is a long time and I hope that she won't have to serve the entire sentence. Drug smuggling is a serious business and if you do the crime, you do the time, especially when you are within the laws of another country. I think, on the scale of things, dope is no worse than alcohol but they have a zero tolerance law. I would expect that if I went into Saudi Arabia and got caught brining in alcohol then the same would happen...and I would deserve it.

Interesting post!

Comment by Bryn

June 23rd 2008 02:42
What joint? I don't see any joints in those two pictures ... There appears to be a bong on the table though.
I saw the doco last night. Rivetting stuff. I've always thought she was guilty. There's too much damning evidence surrounding her family ...

Comment by Ahmed

June 23rd 2008 03:09
But, I was a 50/50 fence sitter on the Corby thing until I read the book she wrote to clear her name and now I'm absolutely convinced of her guilt

I love that sentence.

I think Corby's guilt is official, while before the media made zilllions saying she's innocent now it's clear, to make millions say she's guilty (which she conveniently is).

Just another day in tv ladn.

Comment by Johnny Come Lately

June 23rd 2008 04:46
I don't see a joint or even a cigarette. I can't even see the bong Bryn thought was on the table.

But she's guilty.

Comment by Bryn

June 23rd 2008 04:57
I'm mistaken ... but there are definitely cigarette papers on the table, but the image is too pixelated to identify anything else ... although it does look like a large translucent bag of something is on the table!

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 23rd 2008 16:09
i find it really odd that shes the only girl at this bogan party . . . i wonder what tricks she does with a long neck of new at the end of the night?

Comment by Bryn

June 24th 2008 00:25
Morgan ... hahahahaha!!! That crazed expression of hers in the top photo is a worry too ...

Comment by Mountain Fog

June 24th 2008 01:03
this post is nonsense!

It is as misleading and defamatory as the various TV shows covering this unfortunate situation have been in the past.

While admitting I did not see the entire doco, I pose the following for careful consideration.

Firstly, if the above images had shown Corby puffing on a joint, or someone else doing so, which they do not, I would still say, SO WHAT!!??!! I used to smoke dope and whatnot, but I never became a dealer. It does not follow logic to assume because someone uses drugs, that they then deal them, or in Corby's case, smuggle them.

Another salient point everyone seems content ignoring, if it is actually true, that Schapelle knowingly smuggled the HUGE bag of dope into Bali, then she is a unique smuggler indeed!
WHY you ask?

Because the dope bag was HUGE, on top and in plain view, without any attempt to conceal it!!!!!

Doesn't that worry anyone, that in every other instance of smuggling, THROUGHOUT HISTORY, the contraband is well concealed, but just not in her case?

This means she is either the dumbest smuggler in history, or she has been set up, either intentionally by someone who wanted to damage her, or she was unlucky because the real smugglers, in the customs/secure area, missed finding the bag their counterparts in Australia had hidden the dope in.

Another fact forgotten is, the exposing, after her initial trial, of a dope smuggling ring within the baggage handlers at Sydney airport, (at the time of the trial and after requests by the Corby defense, any knowledge of such was denied by Aust. authorities).

Another point, baggage handlers have been allowed to waltz in to work, with their backpacks and bags, into the high secure areas, UNSEARCHED and UNCHALLENGED, and then leave again at the end of the day, UNSEARCHED and UNCHALLENGED...since we started using airports!!!

One of the TV programmes even showed that the security camera, trained on one area of the baggage handling, not all areas are in fact covered it appeared, had been turned to the wall, and this was after it was initially complained about, after the Corby trial, yet once again the camera had been turned to the wall. The camera is in a high position, so it could only have been 'knocked' on purpose, and only by people with customs security clearance.

Furthermore, two separate travellers had since stated publicly that when they reached their destinations and unpacked, one couple found a big block of hashish in their bag, they then rang the Aust. embasssy, who told them to flush it down the toilet! The other traveller stated, he too found a big bag of marijuana in his bag, and when he asked the embassy what to do, they also told him to get rid of it and not tell any authorities, plus, they knew this happened from time to time!!

Considering all that, and that the dope found wasn't tested, to establish if it was grown in Australia, instead the Indonesians destroyed it, it leaves one with the feeling that something is being protected here, and it isn't the Corby girl!!!! Also, no finger prints and/or DNA samples were taken from the dope and its plastic transparent bag. If Corby's prints and DNA had been found on the bag and the dope, or anyone in her family, then they would have had a fairly secure case, but none of that was established, even after Corby's counsel had asked for it.

I saw the last part of that doco, the insinuations about the dope growing neighbour, who grew for his personal use, and hid his addiction from his neighbours the Corbys, so he claimed, was made to look as if he was lying, yet the dope he grew was a poor quality, and the dope found in Corby's boogey board bag was hydroponic.

Some people can appear/seem guilty, and say/do things that seem to support that suspicion, yet in fact be innocent. Once this has happened, everyone believes the suspicion, instead of considering only the facts.

Just ask Lindy Chamberlain... at the time, even I thought she was guilty, as did one of her barristers, who retired from representation of her case, because he thought she was guilty!!! (yes, that is inside info and no I'm not saying who it was!)

no cheers here...


Comment by Anonymous

June 24th 2008 02:52
it was me. i did it.

Comment by Heidi

June 24th 2008 11:25
Morgan - I too find it weird why she's the only girl at this male shindig.

Meanwhile, my thoughts are this:
Initially I was convinced for a long time that Schapelle was innocent. Who could possibly be that stupid? Then over time I became less convinced. But at the same time, I felt whether she was even guilty or not was irrelevant. Can't we bring her back here and decide what to do?

I think she has already served a hard sentence. Compared to criminals back here, for example, the gang of 9 men in Qld who pleaded guilty to gang-raping a 10 year old child and were sentenced to 12 months probation. Please.

I realise that was an extreme case, and don't get even get me started on OJ Simpson, but Schapelle - she's either innocent, or just very stupid. I know the evidence doesn't look good overall, but seriously, I think the Government should be able to have the power to bring back people that have been charged with offences overseas at will, and vice a versa.

Meanwhile, she makes a nice story for the media whenever hot stories are running a bit dry.

Feel free to criticise my thoughts. I'm intrigued...

Comment by Ahmed

June 24th 2008 11:31
Can't we bring her back here and decide what to do?

No, we can leave her to rot in a prison in the country she was caught comitting a crime. If you don't agree with the laws of a country don't go there, or worse, break those laws. It's that simple, it's not up to 'us' to do anything with her, she was caught in Bali and as such is held accountable to Indonesians not Australians.

I think the Government should be able to have the power to bring back people that have been charged with offences overseas at will, and vice a versa.

You're just saying that because of the corby incident.

Comment by Heidi

June 24th 2008 12:09
Thanks for your comment Ahmed, and I do agree with you (to an extent)! We're all made well aware of the consequences of crime (and drug trafficking in particular) in Asian countries etc., hence why I used the word stupid mulitple times. And if the Government can pull Aussie citizens out willy-nilly then who knows what fools will try importing drugs OS? So I know what you mean.

BUT... having seen multiple cases where people get off so easy for horrific crimes, for example, speeding at 50 kmph over speed limit and killed 2 people = 4.5 years, and a brutal murder of 5 year old boy Cody Hutchings = 10 years....

I just find it different. Well I guess, if anything, this conversation suggests that Australia's Government needs to punish criminals much more harshly. No complaints here.

P.S. It wasn't just the Corby incident. I think David Hicks should've been dealt with back here earlier, and there's other cases overseas, if you're interested to hear.

Comment by Cheryl J

June 24th 2008 13:23
I agree with Ahmed about crimes in other countries. If you are found guilty of breaking the law of a country you are in you have to wear it. If we convicted a paedophile or a smuggler in Australia I would expect that they would serve their time here and then be immediately deported.

That said, I do think that it is fair for a government to try and broker a deal under certain circumstances. Many years ago an Australian woman was convicted and incarcerated in Greece for having a packet of panadeine in her handbag. Codeine is legal in Australia but wasn't at that time in Greece (I have no idea where they currently stand on that). There are two sides to that story, the first is that is was reasonable that she would have thought over the counter medication was OK and that is what our government argued and eventually had her set free BUT, it is every person's responsibility to check the laws of the country they are entering. When I went to Thailand you could buy valium over the counter with no prescription but I could not enter Thailand with one of my prescription meds without a doctor's letter because it was illegal over there without it. I had it stapled to my passport!

In the Corby case, I can see arguments for both sides. As I said above it was her book that convinced me of her guilt. I was very uneasy over the destruction of evidence. But she picked up that boogie board bag and didn't notice 4 extra kilos?!?! I pick up boxes at work every day that are exactly 4 kilos and trust me it is a weight you would notice. Could it have been a baggage handler or a bungled customs operation? Yes, there is room for reasonable doubt there. This story CLICK HERE proves it definitely happens and as recently as May this year.

I think she was a silly girl that had probably done it before and gotten away with it and got cocky and lazy but if I had been on a jury, no matter how guilty I may think she is, there is enough reasonable doubt under the definition of the law that I would have voted for an acquittal. She did not get a fair trial and for that reason I would be happy with the government doing a deal that had her finish out her sentence in an Australian prison.

The truth is, whenever you travel to another country you are subject to their laws whether you deem them fair or unfair. In some countries she would have been executed fair trial or no fair trial. It's a risk you take whenever you travel.

Comment by GlenB

June 24th 2008 13:35
Louie - Moot point indeed. The sentence has been passed.
Bryn & Johnny - Look in the ashtray behind the sunglasses. The original pic allows greater magnification, but i don't see a bong.
Morgan - That's a very naughty thought! ...Good one!
Fog - There's no need to shout. In the post I also draw a distinction between using and smuggling, so I guess you are agreing with me. The reference to Lindy Chamberlain was quite deliberate.
Heidi - I don't think a foreign government can interfere in the judiciary of another country. Aussies wouldn't like it if we were forced to relinquish a foreigner convicted of a crime comitted in Australia.
To All Respondents - It is easy to pronounce judgements from a safe distance but the weight of real responsibility takes courage and the wisdom of Solomon. What if you sent an innocent to death? What if you let someone get away with it? What would you have decided in Solomons case?

Comment by GlenB

June 24th 2008 13:44
Cheryl - You said
there is enough reasonable doubt under the definition of the law that I would have voted for an acquittal.
Under Australian law, maybe, as there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty here.
I understand there is no such provision in Indonesia and often the onus is on the defence to prove innocence rather than on the prosecution to prove guilt.
Schapelle Corby could not prove her innocence.

Comment by Cheryl J

June 24th 2008 13:59
You're right GlenB, my mistake. Good point.

There are actually many countries where the prosecution case is, in practice, believed by default unless the accused can prove they are innocent, a practice called presumption of guilt. That's why I said you really need to check the laws of any country you enter as they may differ vastly from our own. The onus is on the traveler to be aware.

Comment by Anne Tootill

June 24th 2008 21:59

I can't believe you people, you are like a pack of hungry wolves.

How would you go in a cell over there for four years?

This girl has sufferened enough - bring her home now.

Comment by Anonymous

June 25th 2008 03:00
she is not guilty use are all idiotsYour text goes hereYour text goes here

Comment by Anonymous

June 25th 2008 04:31
Geese Fog, you are rather passionate about this topic!!!
After watching the doco last night I 2 am left believing the Corby Family are guilty of something. One or more in the family know the truth.
Why you would agree to doing such a documentary when majority of peope i have spoken 2 regarding this believes the family did it. It did not paint a pretty picture of them. Some acting lessons would have helped.
What was with the brothers? Did anyone else find what they had to say rather odd!! So much for trying to help your sister out.
Maybe if they managed to keep their noses clean, then Australia wouldnt look down on the family. I dont believe in all the pics, bongs whatever I am sure everyone has had some criminating pictures taken, but that really doesnt have anything to do with it, that didnt make me change my mind. The fact of the matter is there is just to much information pointing at all.
If you were playing on smuggling drugs into a neighbouring country (in which you regularly visit and where your sister and husband live), large amounts as well why wouldnt you try your luck and place it on top of your bag, that way you can always say it was planted and wasnt yours and get away with it. Or can you.....nice try i say!!!
Oh and this baggage handler talk, why..why would they risk putting their money in a bag, that may potentially never see again! i think people watch far too many movies.
Australian government not helping?? Why?? Could it be that they may acutally know more than what you and i do.
We all know large families that are well known in the community for certain reasons......picture them and then ask the question why wouldnt the government be helping them!!!!

Comment by Pantathian

June 25th 2008 04:43
Idiots we may be, but at least we can spell

Schapelle and her family are liars, I know someone who witnessed her, with family members, smoking weed, yet they lie about it, who hasn't smoked weed? It doesn't make her guilty, so why lie about it?

During the documentary there was a interview by the Indonesian's on Schapelle that Mercedes was present for and when a certain question about Schapelles job in Japan came up, immediately Merecedes stopped the questioning, why? Because she had something to hide.
The two sisters used to work in Japan as 'hostesses' and I am sure there were no drugs involved (yeah right)

I have no doubt she is guilty and her family is 100% in on it.
The Govt would not intervene because they know she is guilty.

If (and I do mean a big IF) she is innocent, her family and their past dealings have made her look very guilty.

Sorry Schapelle, but suffer in your jocks

Comment by Anonymous

June 25th 2008 06:49
If you ask me she is guilty and the reason i think this is because there is too many lies and to much association surronding this family when it comes to drugs!
As for earlier comments on Miss Coby being either the dumbest smuggler ever or being set up, to that person i say there are also other options and it is not as clear cut as you make it. Some people also suggest that she may have got lazy and cocky, with this i do not agree i think it was a young woman thinking she was being clever and had the view that noone would think she was stupid enough to do try and smuggle that much drugs in an unlocked bag. If you think about it , if your going to get caught with that amount of drugs on you then it would be best to make it look like they could have been planted on you...Having a locked on the bag and the key to the lock in your pocket would make the claim that it had been put in there during transport a pretty weak arguement. also like it has already been stated - would she not have felt the difference in the wieght of her bag or the shape of the bag.... That is of course unless like it has been suggested the bag was shaped to resemble a body board and if thats the case then there was some attempt to hide it!

What really annoys me about this country is that we are so patriotic its blinding....there was those two divers (one american and one british) that got left in the ocean by the diving company in cairns i think and all this country can do is blame the people involved and say they did it on purpose for the money or that it because their stupid...but when an aussie girl gets busted smuggling drugs into another country it cant possible be true. As for the government bringing her home forget it...imagine it the otherway round 'a foriegn person is caught selling drugs to children in Aus or convicted of rape or murder and just because the general public in their home country is to blind to the possibility they could be guilty Australia hands them over so they can go free....AS IF!!! Australia does not posses that power and never will!

Comment by Anonymous

June 25th 2008 08:41
Guilty or not, bring her home

Comment by Anonymous

June 25th 2008 22:50
Guilt or innocence now is irrelevant, she has served a tough enough sentence. Did any of you consider that she could be at her home in the picture and that her partners friends came over???? Not so much a party really, just guys hanging out!
And for those who say she deserves to rot in gaol, God help you when it's one of yours that does something wrong, and it will happen.....punishment does not always fit the crime, and as nobody can prove who put the dope in the bag, and no forensic testing was done, she is entitled to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. Still waiting for that to happen.

Comment by Johnny Come Lately

June 26th 2008 03:38
If she changed her plea to guilty she would have a shot at clemency. If she is innocent, even protesting it to the bitter end won't help her get released. The Balinese government can not grant her a pardon unless she expresses remorse. They have given it before. Schappelle supporters say that she shouldn't say she's guilty unless she is, my answer is that you do what you need to get yourself free, the same as Michelle Lee when she wore Muslim clothing or David Hicks pleading guilty.

Anonymous, I think someone already pointed out above that in Bali the law is presumption of guilt not presumtion of innocence. Different country, different law.

Comment by The one and only TC

June 26th 2008 22:17
Guilty - her brother carried the bag with 2.4kg of dope and did not notice the weight (same as 2 house bricks), schapelle then said it "was mine". forget the baggage handlers, this bogan family of trailer trash all deserve to be locked up. Mercedes thinks she is famous and has made money on her sisters back - bunch of misfits.

Comment by heartofgold61

June 27th 2008 00:15

Comment by Anonymous

June 27th 2008 02:21
Ear wax??? Ok I have heard it all.
Tough enough sentence?? What prison in Australia allows you to
a) have visits from family whenever you like
b) Take day trips out of prison
c) make such TV shows within the prison
d) use the guards mobile phones to contact people
Come off it people....thats not tough.
Alright so they show pictures of a 'room' in which she sleeps in that has some rubbish and a hole in the floor as a toilet, play the violin people. Anyone that has travelled to places like this eg Bali & Thailand would know that in fact that is in better condition then what majority sleep in everyday but still manage to have a smile on their faces!! Harden up I say, its not meant to be a holiday or 5 star hotel. If it wasnt Schapelle that screwed up it was someone in her family. In that case I wouldnt feel pity for any of them, they know the truth!!
Anyone that manages to doll themself up everyday slapping on the make up cant be living 2 badly i say.

Comment by The one and only TC

July 1st 2008 01:24
i didn't vote for kevin, but i would vote to leave schapelle in bali and not to spend any more tax payers money on her or her familly.....

Comment by Anonymous

July 1st 2008 06:30
I think schapelle's half brother had something to do with it.
He probably hashed out some plan with Mercedes on bringing her husband some weed and selling most of it for a very good profit.

Comment by flynnwillow

July 1st 2008 17:18
saw "ganja queen" on hbo last night. this poor pitiful thing with her total whackadoodle family...if she was indeed trying to get that weed into bali she did a piss poor job of it. duh. if a member of her family was trying to get the weed in bali on her back, then they are even more stupid than they were perceived in the program. the attempt by the australian press to convey the possibility that the baggage handlers were involved gave me pause. i am basing my comments only on what i saw in the program. i had never heard of this prior to last night. in the interest of full disclosure i am employed by law enforcement. if australia wanted her extradited she would have been by now. there's a message here. in the end i think more than one member of her family knows exactly what happened, they're not talking and she was deemed the expendable one. sad really...

Comment by Anonymous

July 2nd 2008 06:39
Im just curious, if this girl wasn't pretty would there be this big fuss over this issue. I mean seriously she's pretty, she tried to pull a fast one and she got busted 20 years is stiff but do the crime do the time. Come on this little lady and that huge bag that just so happend to gain weight over a flight come on she's guilty. If this would have been just some random guy would anyone care seriously.

Comment by Anonymous

July 2nd 2008 13:42
I didn't get to watch all of the documentry on Schapelle Corby but I think she is inoccent of this crime, however here family aren't helping her by the way they act about the whole thing, screaming and abusing people doesn't help Schapelle Corby at all, I hope she is proven inoccent which I believe she is but I don't think its going to happen now that she lost her last appeal. As for the joint, it could just be a rolled cigarette, at the price of cigarettes these days alot of people are rolling there own, so can't really say if its a joint or not.
If she is guilty then she should just do the time she has left, as they say you do the crime you do the time, she should be lucky its not the death penalty like some of the bali 9 got..... Good Luck Schapelle Corby

Comment by Douglas

July 2nd 2008 20:35
I watched the documentary, if it's the same on produced by HBO. As an American I knew very little about her case before but after seeing the doc. I am convinced of Schapelle's innocence. I hope Australia can negotiate her way out very soon. Perhaps your government has learned from the David Hicks incident - they need to play hardball against thugs and international criminals like Bush and those in charge of Indonesian justice system.

Comment by I am the Prime Minister, I am

July 2nd 2008 20:45
To all those who are convinced she's guilty and deserves to be imprisoned in a 3rd world country consider why anyone would smuggle marijuana from Australia to Indonesia when its price is 30 times greater per kilo in Australia (2004 prices).

And btw, that looks nothing like a joint or a baggie of marijuana.

Comment by colinz

July 6th 2008 09:01
Schapelle's defence team were denird access to the main piece of evidence, the bag of Marijuana.
So without the finger printing/ DNA testing of the bag of dope there is no way of determining it's origins, the whole trial was a farce.

Also it's alleged that in the above photo Schapelle is having a joint, the guy on the right of the photo is making a Masonic hand sign gesture, so does that make him a narc.

Comment by The one and only TC

July 9th 2008 21:51
I saw mercedes on the news the other night, chasing the media away(trying). She is doing more harm to their cause then anyone else. why do the indonesians put up with the familly ?
They degrade the indonesians and the majority of australians.

Comment by Johnny Come Lately

July 10th 2008 04:16
As much as I think the family do more harm than good, in all fairness the media were like sharks circling and she was being protective. the media have actually injured Schappelle and her legal team before in their feeding frenzies. I think if it were one of my family I'd probably do the same.

It should be law in every country that the media can not approach any closer than 20 metres for saftey reasons. It is all a bit ridiculous.

Comment by Karl

July 11th 2008 13:57
When someone gets caught bringing in drugs into Australia, no one here gives any acceptance at all to the argument "it's not mine - someone must have put it in there". But reverse the situation with a home grown piece and every bogan from Campbelltown to Balga is hopping up and down calling the Indoesians every name under the sun.
As for the yanks who are suddenly convinced of her innocence based on the very well manipulated doco on HBO. I suppose you all still believe in WMD in Iraq too?

Comment by Anonymous

July 11th 2008 19:11
There is a joint in the ashtray? Are you kidding? You don't go from smoking a joint three years ago to 'smuggling 4.2 kilos' into a foreign country! Leave the poor girl alone! Real dealers and real smugglers deserve to be in that disgusting prison struggling for life like she is. Not a possible 'occasional' pot smoker. The girl was tested when she was arrested and she came out clear. My heart goes out to her and her family. Free Schapelle! If you look at the simple fucking facts anyone can see she is innocent.

Comment by Anonymous

July 11th 2008 19:16
Johnny Come Lately--
put yourself in Mercedes position. She is fighting for her family, why does she have to be lady like? She is not degrading anyone. Her husband is Indonesian, why would she ever go there? She is not an embarrassment, she is an extremely brave person. I know I would go to all lengths to save my family members from any kind of false charges.

Comment by Anonymous

July 12th 2008 03:27
Anonymous, I think Johnny come lateley was defending mercedes, he said he would do the same. It was the one and only Tc that said she was degrading. read the comments properly before leaving your own.

Still obviously a hot topic.

I agree with Karl.

Comment by The one and only TC

July 12th 2008 23:47
Well kids, firstly to all the non believers, but i said the truth would unravel. Seems like the corby's did know about the drugs, The Sun Herald has just reported that this trash family have been involved with drugs. I think mercedes and rose owe us all an appolgy. who knows what more will come out, hmm still 16 years to go.

Comment by The one and only TC

July 12th 2008 23:56
Oh by the way KARL i like your style, these americans tell us our government shiould be tougher, thank good they have george bush and not us. The indonesians have been very good to schapelle and her family, maybe its time they got tougher.

Comment by Anonymous

July 13th 2008 06:57
I think its funny how after the long doco that taped the whole family for two years that did NOT reveal anything that proved their guilt none of them that, when public opinion starts questioning what else may have happened, like who did put the dope in her bag, bang, out comes another dodgy lawyer, or another really dodgy crim, who is the latest saying they were in the drug business with the father... funny how he came out about this AFTER the father died! anyone heard of this word verballing? its making stuff up to make someone look guilty without proof or evidence.

No drug smuggler EVER would try and import drugs in a huge bag, all sitting on top and open for inspection like they said she. they always hide it always!

That does not seem to worry any of the experts here

sorry to real experts, but I use the term here as a BIG joke

Comment by The one and only TC

July 13th 2008 07:46
yeah it is funny, the doco showed a family that was linked to drugs, the brother, the dad and mum who just happen to know this crim, but denied it, saying she met them in a bar and come and meet schapelle. Another dodgy lawyer ? not sure what that means. Funny he waited till dad died - well funny they found photos, mum & dad knew the guy. 16 ,ore years to go, i'm sure the truth will come out.

Comment by Anonymous

July 13th 2008 09:33
Ah, it's all easy actually...

put all of them to lie detector test

i'd bet my life that Schapelle and Mercedes would fail!!!

Mick's cousin and that SA drug dealer would pass.....

i hope they all take this challenge in the future though I know the Corby will refuse

Comment by Anonymous

July 18th 2008 00:49
Are you people blind? Honestly people in that so called plastic bag is a freakin newspaper, there are rolling papers on the table but that proves nothing my brother use to roll his own cigarettes, and there is no bong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the table . This is what is wrong with people too eager to judge and create things that aren't true ! You better be thinking about wow this could have just as easily been me or someone that we know.( AND I BET YOU WOULD BE SINGING A DIFFERENT TUNE) Stop trying to find something that is not there , no bong ,no joint , no bag of weed.!IT"S CLEAR AS DAY IN THE PICTURES JUST OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK!

Comment by Delphi

July 30th 2008 01:13
If she's guilty can you please explain to me why there has been no investigation into how she smuggled 10 lbs of mj just sitting on top in an unlocked bag? Australian airports must be the unsafest in the world in that case. Why were all the CCTV cameras not working that day? Why did the Indonesians refuse to fingerprint the bag? Why did the Indonesians refuse to DNA test the mj for origin? Guilty people don't usualy request additional investigations. The unlocked bag was out of her control for 10 hours and handled by many other people during that time. Does that alone not create enough reasonable doubt in your minds? I thought getting tried in Indonesia by 3 judges with a 100% conviction rate was horrible, but apparently in Australia you'll get convicted for smuggling if anyone in your family has ever smoked pot. What a screwed up country!

Comment by Johnny Come Lately

July 30th 2008 03:47
Delphi, regardless of what Australians think or what Australian law is Schappelle was tried and convicted in Bali. The Australian government couldn't interfere even if it wanted to. the Indonesion law process is that you are guilty until proven innocent, the exact opposite to the way Australian law works. Whether she is guilty or innocent is a moot point now. Even if the Indonesions were corrupt, there is nothing that can be done. It is unfortunately a risk you take whenever you travel to a foreign country where the laws are markedly different from your own.

You have to remember, the Australian courts had nothing to do with her conviction.

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 02:32
Corby and the mob
Andrew Bolt

AND now to the verdict on the Schapelle Corby case. I find the defendant guilty of xenophobia, spite, boorishness and a self-righteous tribal hysteria.

No, I don’t mean Corby.

I’m referring to the weeping and bellowing mob that is demanding we do all it takes -- even starve the poorest Indonesians -- to free this convicted drug trafficker. “Our” Schapelle.

What a shock to see the beast of mob rule roar like this, and in support of a woman who seems on the evidence more likely to be guilty than she’s painted.

Yes, Corby may be as innocent as she says. But picture how she must look, and how we all now look, to an Indonesian, whether a judge or a citizen.

Here is a surfer girl who worked as a bar hostess in Tokyo’s nightclub area, flying into Bali for reportedly the fifth time in six years.

(Corby, a student beautician who’d scraped up cash from working at a fish-and-chip shop, told 60 Minutes she’d been to Bali “five or six times since I was 16”.)

Customs officials screen her bags and detect something suspicious. They watch her, and later tell a court she seems nervous. Her bodyboard bag is more than twice its usual weight, bulging with an extra something the size of a stuffed pillow.

Actually, she says later, she’d only dragged her bag, and had so much other luggage she couldn’t tell its weight was unusual, or that there was anything inside but a bodyboard and flippers. Yes, well.

Two police and two customs officials agree on what happened next. They say Corby’s brother James carried the bag for her to the customs area, where officer I Gusti Nyoman Winata asked her to open it.

Corby zipped open the front pocket. Now the main zip, demanded Winata.

“The suspect (seemed) to panic,” he later testified.

“When I opened the bag a little bit, she stopped me and said, ‘No!’

“I asked why. She answered, ‘I have some . . .’ She looked confused.”

ABC’s Lateline showed Winata re-enacting Corby’s lunge to stop him opening her bag. He seemed as honest as Corby does, and said he had no doubt of her guilt.

Winata looked inside and found 4.1kg of top-quality marijuana, stowed in two airlock plastic bags, one tucked inside the other.

What is it, he asked?

“It’s marijuana,” the officials heard Corby reply.

Keep thinking how this all must look to an Indonesian. Who would you believe?

Think how it seems when the marijuana turns out to be hydroponically grown, and worth anywhere up to $80,000 in Bali, where it is prized by expatriates who are sick of the weak local weed and feel safer buying from a tourist. Big profits.

Keep picturing. The Indonesians learn that Corby, although having no criminal record, comes from a wild and woolly family.

One of her brothers is in jail for burglary and stealing, her mother is on to her fourth partner after having six children by three men. Her father had a minor conviction some 30 years ago for possessing marijuana.

Sure, none of that makes her guilty, but how would all this make Corby seem to an Indonesian? Here’s a tip: Not like she came from the responsible land of the straight-and-narrow.

I T gets worse. Corby’s defence team is soon headed by a salesman who looks like a spiv and is a former bankrupt who still owes creditors plenty.

Her main defence witness becomes an alleged rapist flown in from a Melbourne jail to tell how he heard some crook who’d heard some other crook say Corby was unwittingly carrying drugs for crooks operating at the Brisbane and Sydney airport terminals.

With Australians like this behind Corby, it’s a wonder the whole country wasn’t tossed into the cell with her.

The judges are then asked to believe these unknown smugglers took the marijuana into a high-security area at Brisbane in easy-to-see-through plastic and popped it into a random bag to be flown to another high-security area in Sydney.

Why the smugglers would do that, rather than simply drive the drugs down to Sydney by car, all safe, no one can say. That they then let their valuable drugs fly off to Bali is another mystery.

No wonder our own Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty dismissed Corby’s theory as “flimsy”. Corby’s judges must have thought her team took them for idiots.

Idiots? They soon learned plenty of Australians took them for far worse. And now it was not Corby on trial, and losing, but Australia.

In one heady spasm, hundreds of thousands of Australians became certain that Corby the beautiful battler was in fact innocent.

Suddenly she was the star of a reality-TV Perils of Pauline -- complete with cartoon-like big breasts, every-woman prettiness and more tears than a soapie. It helped the plot that she was repeatedly filmed hands bound and besieged, pale in a jabbering, jostling crowd of brown foreigners.

Damn those natives. “The judges don’t even speak English, mate, they’re straight out of the trees, if you excuse my expression,” raged 2GB Sydney fill-in host Malcolm T. Elliott.

“Whoa, give them a banana and away they go.”

Others screamed that the judges were lying Muslims out for revenge (in fact, the chief judge was a Christian, and the other two Hindus).

Newspapers attacked Indonesia’s courts as corrupt and their jails as temples of “gloating sadism” where there was “little sympathy of foreigners, for which you may perhaps read Christians”. Save “our” Schapelle from the demon heathen!

No surprise, then, that Indonesian officials here were bombarded with so many threats and insults that Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer had to plead for them to be left alone. What would we say of Indonesians if our own diplomats were monstered like this?

Now Corby’s defenders demand we boycott struggling Bali. Actor Russell Crowe, among others, even warned Indonesia to remember we gave money for its tsunami victims -- as if we only gave charity in exchange for passes out of jail.

Sick, but the feeling has grown. The Salvation Army, out on its Red Shield appeal, had to promise not to send donations to Indonesia. Let their poor suffer for “our” Schapelle.

Meanwhile, radio hosts insisted the Prime Minister call the Indonesian President to fix things in court for Corby, as if such interference wasn’t plainly corrupt.

Worryingly, even senior politicians lost their heads in the hysteria, with Justice Minister Chris Ellison vowing to try bringing Corby home in a “one-off” prisoner exchange. The other 150 Australians in jail overseas should get breast implants.

HAVE we lost our heads? Are we really such a vile rabble?

What must Indonesians make of this hissing mob that threatens their diplomats, vilifies their country, blackmails them with aid and treats their judges as the corrupt playthings of our politicians? And all this for the sake of a convicted drug smuggler who seems quite probably guilty, and only possibly innocent.

Even our whinges about their drug laws must seem bizarre. Guess who truly has the worst laws -- Indonesia, which gave Corby 20 years’ jail for having 4.1kg of marijuana; or Victoria, which meanwhile gave a mere 12-month community service order to a teacher found with 29kg -- and let her keep her teaching licence?
So how must we seem to Indonesians? Like barbarians, or even terrorists, and it’s hard at the moment to think them very wrong.

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2008 03:57
The voice of reason. Well done Anonymous.

Cheryl J

Comment by The one and only TC

August 14th 2008 00:20
Well said, I feel sorry for the indonesians with all the people who abused them. I think at the end of the day, the evidence against her was there and a few tears were not going to sway them. The wild & wooly familly showed their true spirit and this did not change the way the majority thought of them. i hope the familly can sleep at night, they have abused people for not taking there view and collected money on false pretences. They are all criminals.
Their ex lawyer summed them up "Trailer Trash"

Comment by Anonymous

August 14th 2008 05:03
oh thsoe poor Indons! ISn't this the same court process that found bombers who killed nealry 200 people were ok to release after a few years?

and baggage handler crims must be laughing now!

watch out next time you travle it could be YOU!

Comment by Anonymous

August 17th 2008 10:12
hahahaha... the baggag handler crim involvement in Schapelle's case has already been proven to have been false.
Lets try a hypothetical here. Go to any country around the world with Australia as your final destiantion. Load up your bag with *******(insert drug of choice) and if busted by customs. Deny all knowledge of how it got there. Indonesia did NOTHING that Australia or New Zealand would have done under the same circumstances.
She's as guilty as sin... the only ones who think otherwise are of the same ilk that like to have a puff or two themselves.

Comment by Lilla

December 15th 2008 04:42
Glen B,

well of course because I dont watch TV I missed the whole thing, but it doesnt follow that I dont have an opinion, because I do.

I dont know the logistis of her family background although I had heard it was a little shady, but whatever her crime (and i am sure it is no worse than many people getting away with it), I think the government is not doing enough and is letting this be an example, jsut as they did with Hicks. I dont portend to know the reasons, but something feels wrong here from the governments point of view, from the word go...?

Lilla ...

Comment by Anonymous

April 6th 2009 11:39
It's amazing how many people here have been blindly believing what the media puts out. I suggest you have a look here.

Comment by not telling

May 11th 2009 11:17
oh my god seriously. my mum is writing a play about her and is in contact with mercedes and schapelle and her whole family. schapelle is not guilty! i have read the book and everything. she isnt guilty, i would like to see you go in and live in the conditions she is in. why would someone take $30, 000 worth of drugs to bali which would be sold for only $4, 000? seriously think logically. you guys are so stupid seriously i am disgusted.

Comment by Anonymous

May 11th 2009 12:14
Ha, if the logic you have just described is going to form the basis of your dear old mum's play I can tell you now.... it's going to be a dog!

"I have read the book and everything. she isn't guilty" Give me a break what did you expect her to put in her book? Oh and as you are obviously very thick. The reason for taking mary J from Australia is two fold. One, the product is usually far superior, ie more bang for your buck and b, If you are an Australian over there you will be happier buying from one of your fellow countryemen than risk getting stitched by the locals.

Now just who is it that is so stupid?

BTW, what is the play going to be called? "Bogans Abroad", "Blame it on the Boggie" or my all time fave " The Four Kilo Anti Hero".

Comment by Anonymous

May 28th 2009 01:26
You know, what you just wrote says nothing about Schapelle, but mountains about you. Get some help you sick bastard.

Here are the facts about Schapelle Corby's "conviction"
Schapelle's bag was unlocked and out of her control for 12 hours. Can anyone here explain how that much mj passed through Brisbane, Sydney Domestic AND
Sydney International airports without being noticed?
And what about the missing CCTV footage at each airport of her bags going through. I mean what are the odds of that? Why did Indonesia refuse documented requests by Schapelle for the bag to be fingerprinted and the mj DNA tested for origin? Guilty people doen't usually request additional evidence to be used against them. The entire Corby family has been cleared by the QLD police as to any relationship to drug trafficking so where did she allegedly get the mj? The presiding judge bragged about never finding a drug suspect innocent and the only witness against her spoke no English yet claimed to have a
conversation with Schapelle! It's called REASONABLE DOUBT people! And there's enough here to fly a 747 through! Enough is enough!!! BRING HER HOME!!
Unless you've got something intelligent to add and to back up with FACTS, save your breath.

Comment by GlenB

May 30th 2009 04:47
To anonymous of the previous comments,
Here's a fact. As already discussed in these comments, under Indonesian law there is no presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
On the contrary, once charged, a defendant is presumed guilty. The onus is on the defendant to prove his or her innocence.

Comment by Anonymous

May 30th 2009 11:45
That's how they DO operate, but that's not how their legal system is actually set up. The prosecutor must provide 3 pieces of evidence that show guilt. The only legit one they had was that it was her bag that had the mj in it.

She was never allowed to prove her innocence. Her documented requests with the Australian consulate to have the mj DNA tested for origin (if it came from Indonesia, it wouldnt be traffiking,and it would be obvious that someone had put the drugs in there) and the bag fingerprinted were denied. The CCTV footage at all the airports showing her checking in a "flat" bag went missing. How is that possible in a post 9/11 world?

Even the pope would have been found guilty under their system.

Comment by Anonymous

July 15th 2009 09:56
Oh my god. She is NOT guilty. Read the book by Tony Wilson. Why would she smuggle in $31,000au worth of M, when if she sold it in Bali she would be selling it for $4000. With a loss of $27 000? Bali govournment is corrupt and unfair, and life is very cheap in Bali. She opened her bag to show the customs that there wasn't anything in there, and when she saw the M, she stepped back and held her nose. Why would she want to even open the zipper when she wasn't even told to? NEVER listen to ANYTHING the media tells you. Ever. The media are constantly dragging out the facts, and making up their own. Remember when mercedes was hitting everyone with her bag? That was because Schapelle was being trampled by the guards and other people and Mercedes was trying to get them away from her. Why would she be demanding for DNA tests and fingerprints? Why would she be demanding for the security tapes and baggage weight? Why would she be doing that if she was guilty?

How would you feel, to be locked up in Kerobokan, for doing a crime you did not commit? Of course you would be going crazy and spinning out.
How would you feel if your daughter/sister was locked up in Kerobokan? Of course you would be doing anything to help them, including punching the media and getting everyone away from them. But as soon as you pull a slightly scary face, the media are onto you. 'Mercedes getting angry at guards, surely meaning Schapelle is guilty' (that isn't a real headline, but it's what most are like)

So what, her dad grew M in his backyard in the 70's? It wasn't illegal then, and lots of people grew their own. M was just like Cigarettes back then.

So what, she may have not had the richest background, but just because she wasn't as well off as most of us are, doesn't mean she is a drugged up bogan relying on drug dealing for a living.

Seriously people, just because it's someone else doesn't mean you can just forget about her, and don't believe anything the media has to say about her.

WOW, long post

Comment by Piper

October 27th 2009 04:28
I would like people to please look at the facts not base their opinions on media propaganda and inuendo.
Just think about how you formed your opinion, most of the lies that the media have told to sensationalize the Corby case have been proven to be false, but people remember the lies and perpetuate them.
Lateline did a whole show on Michael senior, reporting his involvement in the drug trade as fact. The next week they made a ten second retraction apologizing for the story. Stating that the information was flawed and that the Queensland police had no interest and never have had Michael Corby as a person of interest.
Lateline stated that Tony Lewis the neighbour had a commercial quantity of marijuana and painted the picture that he was involved in the drug trade.
Tony Lewis was given a 12 month good behaviour bond for possession with no conviction recorded.
You won't see the media reporting that though.
Andrew Bolt wrote a story about how Australians were xenaphobic. That red neck supporters should not question the Indonesian courts?
When the presiding judges have NEVER found anyone in over 500 cases innocent.
When the judge refused to allow the cctv footage from above the customs counter that would prove who was telling the truth, Winata or Schapelle.
When they destroyed the marijuana before her appeals could be heard so that country of origin could never be determined.
When the defence is not permitted to cross examine the customs officer or ask for a english proficiency test.
When in his evidence he states that Schapelle admitted to him in english that the marijuana was hers and yet he CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH!
When the police refuse to DNA test.
When they refuse to fingerprint.
When they refuse to weigh the bags collectively at the airport, which would of proved beyond all doubt whether the marijuana was in her bag at check in.
This is all prosecution evidence and yet Schapelle is the one begging for a proper investigation.
People will read what I have written here and dismiss it in favour of her being guilty because.....
She slapped her head when she was given a barbaric 20 year sentence.
Her sister is married to an Indonesian.
Her mother is loud and uncouth.
The Corby's continue to argue that Schapelle is innocent.
Even on this very page we have people making false statements about the photo above.
The menthol cigarette is now a joint.... The newspaper in the protective plastic bag is now marijuana....The stubby is now a bong... What is she doing there with only blokes?
Don't any of you have mates that come back to your home after a surf?
Keep reading what you want into innocent photos..
Instead of trying to support this poor girl most of you try and find ways to stab her in the back and justify this by looking for and believing BULLSHIT.
What a screwed up nation we have become.

Comment by Anonymous

October 28th 2009 06:51
This is to the dickhead that believes Matthew Moore's article published on the day before Schapelle's conviction to put doubt in the minds of Australians so there would not be demonstrations against Indonesia.
The Australian government knew full well that the judges who had presided over more than 500 cases were going to stay true to form and find her guilty.
Dickhead think about the lie that you are perpetuating,
it's not ok for expats to buy mj but it's ok for them to sell mj? Moore wrote that Aussie Gold sells for $20,000 a kilo or $568 an oz or 4.8 million rupiah.
Not even in Monte Carlo would dope sell for such ridiculous amounts and you believe tourists who stay in cheap hotels, drink bintang and dine in cheap Bali restaurants suddenly decide to splash out and seek out "Aussie Gold" use some common sense.
The article was called
"The Bali buyers who crave Aussie Gold"
and was printed in the SMH on the 26th May 2005.
There were so many flaws in the story and yet people still believe and perpetuate the lies.
exert... an Australian who says he has lived in Bali for 15 years contacted the herald several times to say his children were offered marijuana called Aussie Gold
The man who refused to give his name, said the "hydroponic bud" from Australia sold for $600 an oz
or as much as $20,000 a kilogram.
Seriously! One minute it's highly sort after the next his children are being offered it?
Pssst hey kid got 4,800,000 rupiah....?
And Australia swallowed it. Why ??? Because we wanted to. What kind of people would leave one of their own to rot in a squallid Indonesian prison?
We have to believe she is guilty to sleep easy, comfortable the dirty little drug smuggler deserves it.
One big problem. The world is slowly starting to realise, we have left an innocent young girl to rot and have even gone so far as to make jokes and ridicule her.

Comment by Vic

March 11th 2010 06:27
In Australia Child rapists are given better treatment than this..Why not send all the child rapists and pedophiles in our Jails over there and bring Schappele home!!!

Comment by Anonymous

April 16th 2010 20:01
That would be funny if someone planted a couple lbs of MJ in the prosecutor & jugdes homes......the evidence would then need to burned and the prosecutors/judges convicted swiftly without much of a case to prove their inocence. Since the MJ was found on them there's no reason to not find them guilty......they had it in their possession. I wonder if that case would be any different......

Comment by Anonymous

February 24th 2012 00:22
Listen up bogans, there's no conspiracy. She is guilty.

Comment by Anonymous

June 1st 2012 03:54
Strange, the never-ending litany of morons willing to take the risk of smuggling drugs in and out of third-world countries where getting caught means death or the end of your freedom for the next quarter century.

Comment by Anonymous

June 7th 2012 06:26

Comment by Anonymous

June 7th 2012 06:29
shes obviously innocent another case of corruption at the top. TV IS NOT REALITY. just because ABC published some bs doesnt make it real

Comment by Anonymous

June 10th 2012 04:12
Her sisters picture smoking a pipe isnt good - Your text goes here - Hear from locals who know her here on the Gold Coast that she did it but you know what? I really dont know... One thing I do know is when you leave this border Australia you are no longer in Australia. When you go to a another country in this case a muslim country you are in their hands and under their law... You wont catch my ass in bali!

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