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If you are dreaming of taking your company to the next level, you need to invest a lot on the marketing of its products. This will be able to convince many people that your products are of great quality. As you shall be able to record good sales, you will probably be able to compete with your competitors. You need to take your company to the next level by ensuring that you are meeting most of your objectives as far as your company is concerned.

High sales

High sales

Registering the high sales in your business is not just a walk in the park. You need to invest a lot in it. You should invest in the marketing of the products or services that your company is selling out. The best platform that you need to use in your marketing is the online marketing. This means that you should have a website that is regularly supplied with good quality of the SEO content. This will see it ranked high on the Google making it more accessible to the people who are looking for the same products.

Permanent results

The best thing about the SEO content marketing is that the results are always permanent. The SEO content is able to rank your site highly and therefore make it accessible since the site’s link shall appear on the top rank by the Google. This is what you need to take your company to the next level and be able to compete favorably with your competitors. The impacts of the results are bound to stay for a long time. This means that your business will stand to benefit for a long time. Make sure that you are investing in the online marketing.

Recipes – Raw Fish

Greek Salad With Goat Fetta Cheese

Traditionally a salad of tomatoes, garnished with cucumber, red onion, and sheep or goats milk fetta cheese, Greek salad was just dressed with olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice. Goats’ milk fetta is slightly tart but is deliciously smooth and creamy.

In the following recipe and step by step pictures, I demonstrate the westernized version commonly served in Australian restaurants. It is composed of Cos (Romaine) lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, chopped parsley, and Greek-style fetta cheese. I have omitted the red onion for my personal preference. Other versions include capsicum, capers, anchovies or radishes. The dressing is just olive oil and red wine vinegar with salt and pepper.


1    Tomato
1    Cucumber
150g    Fetta cheese
½    Cos lettuce
½    Red onion
1 large sprig of Parsley
One dozen kalamata olives
20ml    Olive oil
20ml    Red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper
Diced Lebanese Cucumber salad recipe ingredients


Wash and shred the lettuce by hand. Reserve two presentation leaves.
Slice or dice the tomato. I favor deseeding it and dicing the flesh.
Slice or dice the cucumber. I prefer to skin, deseed and dice it so that it does not repeat.
If required, pit the olives and slice them, or serve them whole.
Goat milk fetta cheese Greek food
Roughly chop the parsley and combine all the ingredients in a bowl.
Crumble a small amount of the fetta into the bowl.
Dice the remaining fetta into cubes of a similar size to the tomato and cucumber and reserve them for presentation.
Combine the oil and vinegar with some salt and pepper and drizzle over the salad.
Place the presentation lettuce leaf, partially cover it with the tossed salad and top with cubes of fetta.

Crunchy Fish & Chips Batter Recipe

I like to cook fish from scratch, but this time I have gone to great lengths. The following crispy batter recipe and step by step pictures of fish, chips, and salad is a combination of the previous three posts.

I am using the Longtom I caught for the fish fillets, homegrown organic lettuce for the Caesar salad, and homemade tartare sauce and batter. Okay, I didn’t make the mayonnaise or bake the bread but gimme a break, I made them all the same day, as well as taking the photos.

To make the batter combine 150g of self-raising flour and an equal quantity of corn flour in a bowl.
Add a pinch of salt, an egg and an eggshell full of cold water and whisk until they are combined.
Add more water as per the need to achieve a thick but liquid consistency.
Allow the batter to stand for at least half an hour before use to let the starch absorb the moisture and swell.
Coat the fish fillets in flour and then immerse them in the batter.
Lift the fillets out and allow them to drain.
Carefully place them into the frying oil which has been heated to 170°c.
Allow them to cook for about four or five minutes until they are easy to pierce through with a skewer or knife tip.
Remove the fillets from the oil when they are crisp and golden, and allow them to drain on a paper towel.
Serve the battered fish accompanied by chips and salad with tartare sauce and lemon… And a glass of wine.